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Hello everybody, I’m Quy :). I created this blog with the hope to share my thought, my experience in improving English via Skype as well as expecting to make some progress in writing in English. Be honest, I’m not paid to write this blog :)), but with my great love for Skype which created a big change to me, I voluntarily write a blog about it :D. Anyway, I hope that this blog will become a place where people who are attempting to learn and improve their English by self study can find it helpful for them 🙂

I began to use Skype application 7 months ago and at that time, my English speaking level was elementary. Though I learned English for a long time, I could hardly speak English. But now, my English, not only speaking, has been better and more importantly, I can speak English naturally and confidently, though my English still needs improving a lot and I still need help 😛

For those people who are feeling bored and discouraged in learning and improving English speaking, I want to stress that, Skype is a really good solution for you. I chose to use Skype because it’s totally free and it has a lot of users from worldwide. That was definitely mThemesy right desicion! Of course you can choose other good application (WhatsApp, Viber, etc), it’s up to you and your case but from my point of view, I prefer using Skype. With a friendly interface, it’s easy for you to get started and use it. I found myself interested in learning English again after having fun conversation with my oversea friends :). They really helped me a lot with my English. I think I’m also lucky that I can find great people there :), who teach me so many things in English.

This is my first post here to share my reasons why I’m into Skype application. In my next post I hope that I can share you more about get started : How to find English partners together to add in your Skype contact list 🙂

Thanks for reading. I welcome all of your response and feedback ^^

1 more thing, if you want to be my Skype’s friend, then leave some of your information here : your hometown, Skype id, age, your English level and your goal ^_^